Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Catch Up and Houdini Direct

Is has been pretty busy since I last posted.  The usual route setting and NGB work continues, as well as the Bolton School days starting again.

Bolton School have had a few good days out.  A good trip up to Eskdale Gorge in pretty high levels made a great day for the lads.  We have had a few days out sport climbing too, in preparation for our trip to Spain in October.  The lads have started well, ticking a range of routes at different parts of Giggleswick South from 5+-6b.  With a few weeks left. they are all psyched to get the best out of there trip and do a bit of training.

Bolton lads leading well

Over the last 2 years or so I have been struggling with Houdini Direct font 7c+ at Woodhouse.  I have been close so many times, just never being able to find that finish line.  When I went today, I was not expecting much after a session in the wall yesterday.  I warmed up at home on my finger board so I could get straight on it and just work some links.  The first couple of goes felt good, solid sections climbed.  Then I decided to see how I faired, and started to panic a bit as I held the lip and got my heel on. I managed to finish the next crux section up the arĂȘte, Psyched!!!!!!  Maybe it was the lack of expectation that help today, or simply one of those lucky days.  Either way, it's definitely not one than I'll be running laps on like I do on the Clingen Face.

Let hope this is the start of some good climbing after a pretty rubbish year really.

Houdini Direct from Adam Hughes on Vimeo.