Sunday, 26 April 2009


This weekend I was at a freind's wedding in Northumberland. So today we decided to do a like cragging on our way back to clear are headed from the night's activities. We stopped at Corby's Crag which is a nice little crag right next to the road. Penny and Justin started on one of the crag's classics Audacity, which took a good line up the largest part of the crag. Emma was a little worse for wear, so I went for a solo about. Of the routes I did I would recommend Sunshine Superman HVS, The Plonka S, Tempation HVS and Tiger Feet E1. The climbing is short, but worth a visit.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Barrow Scout Cove

This morning Emma and I went to Barrow Scout Cove to try and fit in little cragging before the rain came. The cove is a little limestone crag between Carnforth and Silverdale with short routes from 3+ to 7b+. We did a handful of the easy routes as I'm recovering from a back strain. Despite the size of the crag the climbing was not too bad, packing in some nice moves.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

MLTUK Conference

On Saturday myself and Nic went down to Plas Y Brenin to the MLTUK Conference for providers. The day was very informative and well ran, covering many aspect from being a technical advisor to how the CWA has been progressing so far. I started my day with a presentation and disscusion about coaching in mountaineering and how the MLTUK thinks they may develop this alongside the awards that are already running. This is still something that is in the early stages, but looks like it will enhance what is already there. I spent the next two hours looking at the law and how this relates to the technical advisor (scary stuff) and a new licence developed to monitor learning standard in outdoor activities. The final part of the day was spent reveiwing the progress and success of the CWA so far. This award has been a great addition those that were already running and been extremely popular. I look forward to working on many more in the near future.

Monday, 13 April 2009


Over the weekend Nic and I ran a Climbing Wall Award Training for the EICA. The course consisted of participants from a varied backgroud which meant they all had something to bring to the course. As always it seems that the abseil module in the the award provides the opportunity for everyone to learn something new. Overall the weekend went well and everyone took alot away from the course.

For more details about the CWA visit the MLTUK website our contact me.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Intro to Climbing

Today I was at Blackford Quarry with Mehul and Outi for an intro climbing afternoon. They had both only climbed a couple of times before indoors, so this was their first real rock experience. The weather held off and the sun made the occational appearence as I led and Mehul and Outi seconded. All together we managed to climb 8 routes ranging from VDiff to Severe, not bad for their time out.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Edelrid Sponsorship

I would like to say thank you to Edelrid Hardware who are now sponsoring me. This is a fantastic opportunity to use, and feedback on some exceptional equipment. This will be great to use whilst working and climbing personally in the different aspects of climbing that I enjoy.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Hamish Again

Today we where back at Dunkeld. Mhairi and I were hoping to bag Hamish Ted's and Greg was after Marlene. After a few good falls Mhairi and I managed to fight our way to a quick redpoint. Greg was very close to ticking Marlene put will have to come back to finish it another day. I had a quick go and I am keen to come back myself. A nice start to the season.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Hamish Ted's

The last couple of days have seen me continuing to try and get back into rock climbing mode. Winter climbing does nothing to help keep those fingers strong and stop you getting pumped when holding anything but a handle. On Monday I had a chilled day, relaxing in the morning until Greg finished work and could give me a belay. I went to North Queensferry Quarry to climb a route called Nearly an Angel. This is not a well trafficed route and has some suspect rock, so an adventure in a short distance was expected. The route has some excellent climbing on it, first through the roof, then the finger crack crux. Although it is low in the grade technically, the nature of the rock makes it hard to relax and commit to some of the holds. Overall the route is solid, with good gear and good climbing and well worth doing.

Today and team of us went to upper cave at Dunkeld. Myself, Greg and Mhairi have not yet done Hamish Ted's although Greg has been on it this year already and is super close. I was not so hopeful with my lack of fitness, but thought it would be good training none the less. After a quick bolt to bolt session Greg was ready for his redpoint. The previous work showed as he made short work of the first hard section to the rest in the crack. He then battled on to the rest at the arete. After a short shake out he cruised the top section to the chain and big smiles.

Mhairi and myself both got on better than we had thought. Despite the lack of training and fitness we were both making good attempts on the redpoint, failing at the crack. after a long day and some long falls we will be back in the week to try and finish it off.