Sunday, 30 November 2008

Nice Ice

Greg and James where in Sneachda today and climbed Aladdin's Mirror Direct. They said that the ice was good quality, but thin low down and there was a good piller to follow higher up. Greg said that not much else in the corrie was worth looking as there was no rime on the buttresses. To see a picture of the Mirror check out Greg's blog.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Peaks Mini Break

We (Robin, Sheila, Rob and Duncan) Headed over to the peaks for a few days on the hope the weather forcsat was right. well it was right, very cold, windy and some snow showers perfect for climbing at Millstone. We climbe the routes as quickly as possible to not go though the pain off the hot aches, it didn't always work error. We incounted a small Blizzard while climbing and thought this was the last straw, we headed to the cafe to defrost. The next day we headed to Ramshore Rocks to get involed in some grit stone cracks, after climbing Dons crack and Browns crack we were missing  several layers of skin so we headed to some more convensional routes like the crank and Gumshoe. We all left the crag with painfall hands and big smilles!!! 

Monday, 24 November 2008

Wild and Wintery Gorms

Today Greg and Euan where in Coire nan Lochain and climbed the Hoarmaster. They said that it was hard going due to the climb being buried, but a great route. There was a lot of snow about and it was a wild day all round.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Pinnacle Ridge

On friday I was in the Lakes helping out with an article for Trail. The article is about my first grade three scramble. So we headed to Pinnacle Ridge a fine grade 3, one of the best in the Lakes, Mark the star of the article and Claire the journalist were in the team and we had Tom the photographer with us as well. There were a lot of photos taken and not all on my good side and i had a doo wop sticker on my helmet ops! A fine day out.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Craig Dorys!!

On monday we (Myself, Matt and Sam) managed to find some dry rock! We headed to the notoriours Craig Dorys. This was my first visit the the craig and was impressed but not so impresed with the solid rock! I climbed a route called Calf Crack. Had to take my self to the office a few times! A fine lose route. Matt and Sam then did Noble Savage, Steep, Pumpy and lose at the top! what a route!!! Craig Dorys lived up to its reputation ace.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Website Access

The Main Website should be back up and running today. It will now be due to unforseen problems.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Mini Break

     I have just recently got back from chamonix. myself and Di (rope gun) were hoping for perfect weather and perfect conditions!!!! well we had that for a week, were we managed to climb a route on the Tacul Triangle, and the Ginat on the Droites both very good and we lauged are way up both routes even though i may have underestimated the amount of gas we needed for one of the routes ops sorry Di. for the next week or so it snowed, and snowed and yes it snowed. so we had a day out on the planks in saas fee again a very funny experience!! so after sampling the local wine we thought we should try something else, so headed in to the grand charmoz but were denided by warm strong winds. Still keen to climb we got the midi up and raped off the bridge to try a route but again we found less then ideal condition! After Swimming/climbing back to the station we were told the lift was shut so 20 hours later we were down and headed home all in all a good Trip.